Helping Stockholders Maintain Undiluted Investments in Our Stock

We have adopted a distribution reinvestment plan (the "DRP"), through which all distributions are paid to our stockholders in the form of additional shares of our common stock, unless a stockholder elects to receive cash as provided below. In this way, a stockholder can maintain an undiluted investment in our common stock and still allow us to pay out the required distributable income. No action is required on the part of a registered stockholder to receive a distribution in shares of our common stock.

A stockholder may elect to receive his, her or its dividends and distributions in cash. To exercise this option, such stockholder shall notify Computershare Trust Company, N.A., the plan administrator (the “Plan Administrator”), so that such notice is received by the Plan Administrator prior to the record date fixed by the Board for the dividend and/or distribution involved for the payment to be paid in cash. If such notice is received by the Plan Administrator after the record date, then that dividend will be reinvested pursuant to the terms of the Plan and any subsequent dividends will be paid in cash.

The Plan Administrator will set up an account for shares acquired pursuant to the Plan for each stockholder who has not so elected to receive dividends and distributions in cash (each a “Participant”).; The Plan Administrator may hold each Participant’s shares, together with the shares of other Participants, in non-certificated form in the Plan Administrator’s name or that of its nominee. Upon request by a Participant, received prior to a record date, the Plan Administrator will promptly terminate the Participant’s account and, instead of crediting shares to and/or carrying shares in a Participant’s account, will issue a certificate registered in the Participant’s name for the number of whole shares registered to the Participant and a check for any fractional interest, the value of which will be calculated using the market value of the Company’s shares determined in accordance with Section 3 hereof, less any fees If a request to terminate a Participant’s account is received by the Plan Administrator after a payment date, the Plan Administrator, in its sole discretion, may either distribute such dividends and distributions in cash or reinvest them in shares on behalf of the terminating Participant. If such dividends are reinvested, the Plan Administrator will process the termination as soon as practicable, but in no event later than five business days after the reinvestment is completed.


Each Participant may terminate his, her or its account under the Plan by so notifying the Plan Administrator via the Plan Administrator’s website at, by filling out the transaction request form located at the bottom of the Participant’s Statement and sending it to Computershare Trust Company, N.A., Attn: Investment Services Department, P.O. Box 43006, Providence, RI 02940-3006 or by calling the Plan Administrator at 1-800-736-3001. See sixth paragraph of these Terms and Conditions for termination procedures. The Plan may be terminated by the Company upon notice in writing mailed to each Participant at least 30 days prior to any record date for the payment of any dividend or distribution by the Company. Upon any termination, the Plan Administrator will cause a certificate or certificates to be issued for the full shares held for the Participant under the Plan and a cash adjustment for any fractional share to be delivered to the Participant less any applicable fees.