Helping Stockholders Maintain Undiluted Investments in Our Stock

We have adopted a distribution reinvestment plan (the "DRP"), through which all distributions are paid to our stockholders in the form of additional shares of our common stock, unless a stockholder elects to receive cash as provided below. In this way, a stockholder can maintain an undiluted investment in our common stock and still allow us to pay out the required distributable income. No action is required on the part of a registered stockholder to receive a distribution in shares of our common stock.

A registered stockholder may elect to receive an entire distribution in cash by notifying American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, the plan administrator and our transfer agent and registrar, so that such notice is received by the plan administrator no later than 3 days prior to the payment date for distributions to stockholders. The plan administrator will set up an account for shares acquired through the DRP for each stockholder who has not elected to receive distributions in cash (each a "Participant") and hold such shares in non-certificated form. Upon request by a Participant, received not less than three days prior to the payment date, the plan administrator will, instead of crediting shares to the Participant's account, issue a certificate registered in the Participant's name for the number of whole shares of our common stock and a check for any fractional share. Those stockholders whose shares are held by a broker or other financial intermediary may receive distributions in cash by notifying their broker or other financial intermediary of their election. We expect to use primarily newly-issued shares to implement the DRP, whether our shares are trading at a premium or at a discount to net asset value. The number of shares to be issued to a stockholder is determined by dividing the total dollar amount of the distribution payable to such stockholder by the market price per share of our common stock at the close of regular trading on the NYSE on the valuation date for such distribution. Market price per share on that date will be the closing price for such shares on the NYSE or, if no sale is reported for such day, at

the average of their electronically reported bid and asked prices. The number of shares of our common stock to be outstanding after giving effect to payment of the distribution cannot be established until the value per share at which additional shares will be issued has been determined and elections of our stockholders have been tabulated. There is no charge to our stockholders for receiving their distributions in the form of additional shares of our common stock. The plan administrator's fees for handling distributions in stock are paid by us. There are no brokerage charges with respect to shares we have issued directly as a result of distributions payable in stock. If a Participant elects by internet or by written or telephonic notice to the plan administrator to have the plan administrator sell part or all of the shares held by the plan administrator in the Participant's account and remit the proceeds to the Participant, the plan administrator is authorized to deduct a $15.00 transaction fee plus brokerage commissions from the proceeds. Any shares issued in connection with a stock split or stock distribution will be added to a Participant's account with the Plan Administrator. The Plan Administrator may curtail or suspend transaction processing until the completion of such stock split or payment of such stock distribution. Stockholders who receive distributions in the form of stock generally are subject to the same federal, state, and local tax consequences as are stockholders who elect to receive their distributions in cash. A stockholder's basis for determining gain or loss upon the sale of stock received in a distribution from us will be equal to the total dollar amount of the distribution payable to the stockholder.


The DRP may be terminated by us upon notice in writing mailed to each Participant at least 30 days prior to any record date for the payment of any distribution by us. All correspondence concerning the DRP, including requests for additional information, should be directed to the plan administrator by phone at 1-866-669-9888, or by mail at:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Attn: Distribution Reinvestment Department
P.O. Box 922
Wall Street Station
New York, NY 10269-0560